About The Garden

Mission:  To reconnect the school community to the natural world and to nurture a citizenry that consciously values our environment.

Goal:  To provide an exploratory, observatory, learning, and thinking curriculum integrated outdoor space for the students to engage nature in unique hands-on experiences.

Background: Concept for a SCS garden started in the start of 2011-2012 academic year.  In July 2012, SCS received a grant through California American Water to design and construct the 4500 square feet drought tolerant garden at the east side of the school ground. This establishment is now known as the SCS Science and Habitat Learning Center. In June 2013, SCS received a second grant through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Schoolyard Habitat Program to construct a 8000 square feet native plants garden in the school’s hillside.  The construction for this establishment is in progress, and once complete, will become the SCS Native Landscape Observatory.  In January 2014, SCS received the City of Thousand Oaks Community Enhancement Grant to begin work on an 1500 square feet vegetable garden.  This establishment was completed and is now known as the SCS Edible Lab.  Click here to for details about the establishments.

Operational Needs:  SCS Garden receives no financial funding or maintenance operation from the school, only minimal amount of water for irrigation and limited special project assistance from the school district.  The SCS Garden is fully volunteer-operated and requires continuing community provision and support for its care, up keeping, and improvements.

Garden Committee:  Click here for info on the Garden Committee

Interested in Volunteering?  We love to have you joining our team!  Click here to contact us!


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