Garden Establishments

The SCS Garden is a compilation of various environmental establishments created to help our children reconnect with nature and provide practical hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in a broad range of curriculum related disciplines.

The current establishments include:

  • Science and Habitat Learning Center (4500 square feet)

    • Features
      • Drought Tolerant Garden
      • Chumash Plants Garden
      • Rain Garden – simulated watershed/bioswell
      • Outdoor Classroom
      • Outdoor Performance Stage (stage size: 10’x8′, 1/2 inch off the ground)
      • Council Circle Gathering Ground
      • Certified Monarch Butterfly Waystation
      • Garden Bridge “Bridgeway to the Future”
      • The Rainbow Rock Riverbed – public art display
      • Mosaic Rose Compass
  • Native Landscape Observatory (8000 square feet)
    • Features
      • Native southern California plants
      • Pit Discovery – simulated archeological dig site
    • Projects in Planning
      • Observatory signage and mapping
  • Edible Lab (1500 square feet)
    • Features
      • Native edible plants
      • Herb Garden
      • Demonstration Garden (sponsored by:  Phylicia Bulmer, Organic Soul)
      • Experimental Growth Space (raised garden beds for classroom planting projects)
      • Composting Station – equipment purchased in May 2013 with PTSA funding.
    • Projects in Planning
      • Green House
      • Youth-sized Food Preparation Station
      • Plants Observation Tanks
      • Hand Pump Water Station

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