Culture At the Garden


A great way to gain world knowledge and respect for other cultures is by experiencing it!  Culture at the Garden utilizes the lunch hour to provide fun and meaningful experiences for our children to share and learn about the diverse cultures within our own school community.

Focusing on interactive encounters for our students through their senses, major components that set the foundation for this program includes:  cultural displays, live demonstration, food tasting, and cultural craft making.  Each event features one cultural group within SCS, and the event is typically themed after a well-recognized cultural holiday.

This program is made possible through support of SCS PTSA and the collaborative effort of volunteers representing the various cultures of our school.


September 27, 2017           CHILE     Cultural Adviser: Maria Paz Varas

February 12, 2018              NEW ORLEANS     Cultural Adviser: Marie Turner

May 23, 2018                      PUERTO RICO     Cultural Adviser: Lisa Bonomo


PAST Program Line-up  (in reverse chronological order)


Nov.  10, 2016       INDIA  Cultural Adviser: Subha Tholudur

Feb. 14, 2017         ITALY – St. Valentine’s Day  Cultural Adviser: Tina Mintz

Apr.   5, 2017         SLOVAKIA  Cultural Adviser: Andrea Feagan

May. 10, 2017        FRANCE  Cultural Adviser: Johanna Duc

2015-2016 Academic Year

Apr. 20th    PERU      Cultural Adviser: Luly Cabanillas Zimmerman

Mar. 9th     IRAN: Norooz  (Persian New Year)   Cultural Adviser: Michelle Czubek

Feb. 3rd     KOREA: Seul-Nal (Korean New Year)  Cultural Adviser: Ashley Koh

Dec. 9th     GERMANY: Winter Wonderland  Cultural Adviser: Puja Hudelist

2014-2015 Academic Year

Apr. 30th     SWEDEN: Art, Design and Innovation   Cultural Adviser:  Anette Power

Mar. 11th     IRELAND: St. Patrick’s Day   Cultural Adviser:  Mary Pyrah

Feb. 19th      CHINA: Chinese New Year     Cultural Adviser:  Nancy Huang

Oct. 24th      INDIA: Festival of Lights – Diwali   Cultural Adviser: Subha Tholudur

Sept. 24th    ARMENIA   Cultural Adviser:  Caroline Malouf

2013-2014 Academic Year

May   PHILIPPINES Cultural Adviser: Marivic Marko

Mar.  IRELAND: St. Patrick’s Day   Cultural Adviser:  Mary Pyrah

Nov.  MEXICO: Dia de los Muertos   Cultural Adviser:  Celine Stevenson

Pilot Program, May 30, 2013

JAPAN – Children’s Day Celebration   Cultural Adviser:  Yo Higa


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