Garden Committee

i-g42VSfG-L Jo Louie
Committee Chair

Despite the fact that her grandparents were grape farmers, Jo knew how to plan but not how to plant. In the not too distant past she couldn’t tell a Maple tree from a Sycamore tree.  Nonetheless, Jo has always loved nature and the great outdoors.  She is especially fond of animals and has a very soft spot for wildlife.  Jo is thankful for the garden space to reconnect our youth to nature and our local wildlife.  The proud parent of two girls who attend SCS, Jo enjoys bouldering, dog walking, and playing her cello.

In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.”  – Baba Dioum


Marivic Marko
Garden Service Awards Manager, Adopt the Garden Coordinator

Marivic is a Sycamore parent volunteer who appreciates nature’s beneficial impact on kids’ learning.  Limited gardening skills did not deter her from volunteering in the garden.  She was interested in volunteering her time to help provide students with an opportunity to learn and appreciate nature and wildlife in an outdoor environment. Marivic is the Garden’s Service Awards Manager, administering the ever growing database and the distribution of awards for the Garden Service Patch program.  Additionally, Marivic is the Adopt the Garden Coordinator, overseeing the process of guiding classes in learning about and maintaining the garden, handling garden supply procurement, and providing email correspondence as well as scheduling for garden events. Marivic has been involved with the garden for several years, and is looking forward to seeing it grow with the students, school and community.


Namrata Dutta
Manna Project Coordinator

Namrata is a Sycamore Canyon parent volunteer with two girls, a seventh grader in middle school, and a fifth grader in elementary, attending SCS.  She also has a son in first grade attending Aspen Elementary.  The Dutta family moved to Dos Vientos from the Chicago area in January of 2017.  Namrata started out by volunteering in her daughters’ classroom, as well as for the Garden’s Edible Lab and the Lunch Lab, which she feels provide the kids with practical knowledge outside of books.  Edible Lab’s Manna Project has given so much to those in need, with the help of the various classrooms that participated with their teacher and sometimes parents as well.  It is Namrata’s hope that she can keep the momentum of the  Manna Project going and make it sustainable for everyone.

-17John Malouf
Scout Coordinator, Community Gardening Day Lead

John Malouf is a SCS parent, a Dos Vientos Realtor, and an Eagle Scout.  John brings many years of outdoor scouting and conservation experience to the Sycamore Canyon Garden.  John Malouf Realty donated our lovely garden shed affectionately named, “The Little Red Barn”.  John enjoys being active in the community through volunteering at the SCS Garden and coaching youth soccer.  Come join John at one of the after school Community Gardening events with family and friends.  Its a rewarding experience and promotes great opportunity for community service and team building.  If you’re a scout searching for a meaningful service project benefiting future generations of SCS students, the SCS Garden Committee would love to hear from you.  Please contact John at: to inquire about scout service project opportunities in the SCS Garden.



Subha Tholudur
Culture at the Garden Outreach and Planning

Subha is a parent of four students at SCS.  Since moving here with her family from Colorado in early 2014, she has been inspired by the rich cultural diversity in the Dos Vientos community.  She continues to use the skills she utilized during her professional career as Director of Recruiting and in Human Resources to encourage families to share their cultural heritage with the students at Sycamore through Culture in the Garden and International Night.  With an undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and an MBA in Marketing, improving education for all children, both in and out of the classroom, is a top priority for her. She looks forward to finding more families willing to share their knowledge to expose our children to cultures they may never have the opportunity to visit. “The excitement is palpable as the kids play games, do crafts, and watch performances that reflect the cultures of their classmates.  They have fun and they learn, but even as a community we benefit because we grow stronger as we learn about our differences.”

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”       – Nelson Mandela

149_france.jpgMarie Turner
Culture at the Garden Outreach and Planning

Marie has two children attending Sycamore Canyon, girls in 7th and 5th grade. She has volunteered in many capacities over the years at Sycamore: in various positions on the PTSA Executive Board; Adopt-the-Garden; Pi Day; book fair; Lunch Lab; Art SCAEP; Family Culture Night co-chair; cultural advisor for Culture at the Garden: New Orleans; committee member for numerous Culture at the Garden events; and other happenings throughout the school year. She has also been involved in her daughters’ classes. Marie has a background in higher education administration with an emphasis on international education and has enjoyed making a difference in the lives of the students she has served. She also enjoys foreign languages and international travel. Any time there is an event at SCS Garden, Marie will most likely be there!


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