The Incredible Water Journey

Thanks to the special annual workshop provided by the UC HAREC (University of California Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center), our 5th grade students experienced an incredible journey where they examined beyond the four stages of the water cycle and got a first-hand look at the many paths of a water molecule.  It was an unique approach to learn about water as a precious natural resource, as well as personal and environmental behaviors that protect water quality and help water conservation.  Here are some thoughts from our children:

Darmal Tarazi:  We learned that even though there are a lot of water in the world…most of it is not accessible…that gives us only a small amount of water that we can actually drink…

Hanna Kim: 71% of the Earth is water, 3% of that is fresh water, and only 0.5% of that is drinkable – so please conserve that water!

Jake Liu: I liked the water cycle bead game where we rolled a dice and went to the place we rolled.  We collect a bead at every stop to record our journey as a water drop.  My dice usually went and stayed at the cloud.  That would be accurate in real life.

Madison Dodd: I learned that water does not stay on a farm. Water in clouds does not stay for long because it falls down as rain.  Water in glaciers can stay for years in one glacier.

Ella Busch: It was cool to see and learn how every water molecule has a different path.

Nicole Cui: I really enjoyed the water cycle workshop.  I thought the bead game was very clever and I learned many things.  It was fun and taught everyone where water goes, how to conserve it, and why we shouldn’t waster water.


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