5th Grade Kicks off the 2017-2018 School Year for Adopt the Garden

By Marivic Marko, Adopt the Garden Coordinator

The 5th grade classes came out in the month of October to kick start the garden cleanup for the school year. Without regular maintenance during the summer, we found the garden in need of work. The walkways were narrowing from overgrown bushes, weeds were a problem in the riverbed, and winds left trash littered throughout the garden.

The entire 5th grade class, along with their wonderful teachers, came out to lend a hand. We even had extra help from a special Garden Buddy partnering of Mrs. Taylor’s 5th grade class and Mrs. Arnold & Mrs. Nelson’s 3rd grade class!

With rakes and trowels in hand, our 5th graders and 3rd grade Garden Buddies removed weeds and raked up pathways. Bags and bags of weeds and trash were filled up and the garden began to look tidy again, thanks to the hard work of these students!


Ms. Mertz and her class, and Parent Volunteer, Crystal Stenner
Mrs. Hollins and her class, and Parent Volunteer, Arlett Torres
Mr. Hoyle and his class, and Parent Volunteer, Jamie Voegler
Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Nelson’s Special 5th/3rd Grade Class Garden Buddies, and Parent Volunteer, Heidi Nielsen


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