How Succulents can be used to Educate

By: Jo Louie, Garden Committee Chair

6th grade students from Sycamore Canyon School careers elective class is learning about business skills and entrepreneurship through a hands-on, educational fundraiser class project, growing and selling succulents for the holiday season.

Backstory:  The SCS Garden was approached by a school parent wanting to donate cuttings from their backyard succulents.  The Garden does not have space to accommodate the donation, but did not want the cuttings to go to waste.  Hence, an idea was formed and proposed to our 6th grade math and science careers class teacher Mrs. Smith to grow and sale succulents as an educational experiment.  The Garden provided the fund for the purchase of supplies (soil and containers), and the teacher used this opportunity to teach the kids basic business concepts such as investment, fixed cost, gross income, and net profit.  The kids designed and grow their succulent gardens, set the price, and did their own marketing.  The exercise will culminate in a succulent sale on school campus on Tuesday, December 19th, 1:30 to 2:30pm, where the participants will put their business endeavor to the test.  The fund raised will benefit the Garden.

We wish the kids best of luck next Tuesday.  It will be exciting and interesting to see how this experiment turns out and what the kids learn from this exercise.succlent


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