Follow-Up on Mrs. Smith’s 6th Grader December Succulent Sale Fundraiser

By: Jo Louie, Garden Committee Chair

The fundraiser was a smashing success!  To the 6th graders’ delight, the succulent plants were sold out in less than 10 minutes, raising over $380 and change for the Garden.

The money will be used to purchase soil and fertilizers for the Edible Lab, as well as funding portions of the cost for a new Garden lunch time enrichment program pilot:  Music At the Garden, that will take place in May.

Mrs. Smith and her class is now planning on a second succulent fundraiser, scheduled to go on sale in March.  Our multi-talented principal Mr. Hedin got involved as well, showing up to Mrs. Smith’s class to impart his knowledge with the kids on horticulture and tips on succulents propagation.

For the original story published in December of 2017, see our blog: How Succulents can be used to Educate.

Special thanks to Andrea Bristol for the succulent cutting donation from her yard!


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