Stars Behind-the-(Garden) Scenes

By: Jo Louie, Garden Committee Chair

It’s the Oscar season again – and what a season it is!  There were a lot of great movies that hit the theaters last year, with many brilliant films that stood out to compete for the top prize of this year’s Academy Awards.  Amidst that excitement of glitz and glamour, however, one should not forget the crucial part that behind-the-scene staffs played to make all that screen magic possible.  Without ever showing their faces or making an appearance on the big screen, it is those people that have supported and brought the films to life.  Without them, there would be no movies.

Our Garden, in many ways, is like that big Hollywood production.  It wasn’t too long ago that we celebrated wonderful events, such as Culture at the Garden – Chile and New Orleans, in our Garden space.  Each of those events drew over 600 delighted participants.  In the weeks ahead we will be presenting our 2nd annual PI Day Math Fun Fair, hosting an Earth Day Eco Art exhibit, as well as piloting a new lunch time music experience program for the kids, just to name a few events that will be taking place before the end of this academic year.  It is easy to appreciate the Garden as an exciting outdoor space filled with fun and festivity for everyone to enjoy, but just like the movies, the Garden magic is only possible because of the behind-the-scene volunteers and their contributions that have made it all possible.

The Garden Committee like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who have worked behind-the-scene by lending their helping hands to support, maintain and sustain the Garden for everyone.  It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s a vital job.  The volunteers are the true stars of our Garden.

We like to especially thank:

  • Marivic Marko – Adopt the Garden Coordinator, Garden Service Awards Manager
  • John Malouf – Community Gardening Day Lead, Scout Project Coordinator
  • Manna Project Team – Namrata Dutta, Athena Fischer, Judy Caples, Sonceriae Armstrong, Alia Matthews
  • The SCS DAD (plus one mom) Squad (who gave up parts of their weekend to help transport wood chips for our Garden) – Craig Burritt, Barry Hollander, Sandeep Dutta, John Trudeau, Sony Patel, Randy Phillips
  • Carpentry Assistance: John Taillon, Eric McDonald




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