1st Graders Learn about Soil Prepping for Peter Rabbit Vegetable Patch!

By: Jo Louie, Garden Committee Chair

Eager 1st graders hopped into the Edible Lab today to claim their plot and begin their Peter Rabbit Vegetable Gardening journey.  They were informed that the planters are now available for them to use, and each classroom gets an entire planter to themselves.  The planters, however, are not ready for planting.  To get it ready, the kids needed to weed and then till to mix in the organic amendments into the soil to help their “crop” grow.  The kiddos also learn how to safely use a Garden Trowel to help them do the job.

Official seed planting will take place this Friday.  We will be doing the “Square Foot Gardening” method and each classroom chooses their own vegetable to grow.  We can’t wait for that to happen!!

Special thanks to all the parent volunteers for their assistance on today’s task:

  • Mrs. Kazen’s Class: Cindy Panza
  • Mrs. Neshek’s Class: Sherry Rodriguez
  • Ms. Taj’s Class: Mrs. Timmaraju
  • Ms. Thomson’s Class:  Michelle VandeBurgt



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