Adopt the Garden, First Grade

By: Marivic Marko, Adopt the Garden Coordinator

First graders had a busy month in the garden!  During the month of April, they worked in the Edible Lab to prepare garden beds for their Peter Rabbit vegetable planting, and they came out once again to plant their seeds.

During their third visit, the students participated in the Adopt the Garden program, and spent time learning to care for the garden. With Spring in full bloom, we first took a good look all around us and got to know the garden better.  We walked through the garden and saw the tree that our school is named after, the Sycamore.  Then, we identified the tree named after our city, the Oak!  Finally, we were lucky to see our state flower blooming in the garden, the California Poppy.

At this point, we were ready to get to work!  Our wonderful parent volunteers explained the garden tasks that needed to be done that day, in addition to demonstrating how to properly use the tools needed for the job.  The students broke into groups, and in no time at all, the garden was looking groomed and tidy.

It was a joy having this young and enthusiastic group of students work in the garden this month!  Each and every one of them contributed their service to the garden, and we are so thankful for their hard work.  Thank you to the wonderful first grade teachers and Parent Volunteers who came out to the garden to help!


Ms. Taj, and Parent Volunteer, Lakshmi Timmaraju
Ms. Kazen and her class, and Parent Volunteer, Lisa Bonoma
Ms. Thomson and her class, and Parent Volunteer, Stacy Gleason
Mrs. Belko and her class
Mrs. Neshek and her class

Additional help from:
Mr. Hoyle and his 5th grade class, and Parent Volunteer, Jamie Voegler



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