It’s a Wrap! Adopt the Garden Concludes with 2nd Grade Classes!

By:  Marivic Marko, Adopt the Garden Coordinator

2nd graders had quite a few visits to the garden this month!

Each 2nd grade class attended the Pollinator Workshop created and presented by Jo Louie, the SCS Garden Project Chair. There they learned about the importance of pollinators such as honey and native bees, how they impact our lives and how to help them. This coincided with another pollinator they were growing in their classroom – Painted Lady Butterflies. In the classroom, they raised the Painted Lady butterflies from caterpillars to pupae and released them in the garden when they became butterflies. The garden was full of Painted Lady butterflies!

One of the 2nd graders final visits to the Garden this month included the Adopt the Garden program where the students worked to help maintain the Garden. Before they got to work, the students had a chance to see Monarch caterpillars on our local milkweed, blooming orange poppies, and the garden bursting with color! This was the final visit of students lending a helping hand before the summer break, and the second graders did a fantastic job working hard to leave the Garden well maintained. We are grateful for their hard work!


Mrs. Barley and her class
Mrs. Anthony/Mrs. Carr and their class
Mrs. Guevara and her class
Mrs. Gomez and her class
Mrs. Huber and Parent/Grandparent Volunteers Anna Ford and Sharon Sickler

Special Thanks:
Mr. Hoyle and his class, and Parent Volunteer, Jamie Voegler



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