Thank You, Mr. Hoyle!

By: Marivic Marko, Adopt the Garden Coordinator

As Mr. Hoyle prepares to leave Sycamore at the end of this school year, his 5th grade class decided to honor his commitment to the garden with a touching ceremony. On Monday, June 4, 2018, the class presented Mr. Hoyle with a Carpinteria californica “Bush Anemone”, a flowering evergreen shrub native to the Sierra Nevada foothills in California, that was planted in his honor in the Garden.

For the last 3 years, each of Mr. Hoyle’s 5th grade classes have consistently performed community service in the garden throughout the school year. His classes have come as often as twice a month to help maintain the Garden.

The work did not simply fall on the students – Mr. Hoyle has picked up a rake to clear pathways and neaten them, used shears to cut unwieldy branches and plants, and installed garden signs. He has taken great pride in the Garden and his dedication shows. Mr. Hoyle has encouraged his students to perform community service, work hard and reflect Sycamore’s values of Responsibility, Respect and Citizenship. His enthusiasm and commitment has helped the Garden complete several projects such as spreading bags of mulch, designing and constructing Edible Lab cages, planting beans, and doing the hard work needed to maintain a beautiful space of nature.

Thank you Mr. Hoyle for the all the time you have given the Garden, and for sharing your love of nature with this generation of students!


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