Chris Boudreau Completes Eagle Project With “Pit Discovery”

Congratulations to 17 year old Chris Boudreau of Boy Scout Troop 754 for completing his Eagle Project with the Garden, building the long awaited simulated archaeological dig site “Pit Discovery” for the Sycamore Canyon School students, and refurbishing the surrounding fences for the Edible Lab.

Chris raised over $900 to finance his effort through a GoFundMe page he created and shared with friends, family, and the community via Facebook.  He was also successful in obtaining support from the local businesses with sand donated by Mr. Haigh of Bonanza Concrete Inc., cases of water for the work days from Hollywood Storage, as well as coffee from Starbucks for the first day of the project.

An estimated total of 42 hours was spent by Chris for planning and preparation, with an additional 287 hours of work provided collectively by Chris and his recruited team of volunteers to complete the project.

The beautifully constructed dig site Chris built will provide enriching hands-on environment for SCS students to learn, explore and discover for years to come.  We applaud Chris for his accomplishment, achieving the highest scout honor of Eagle, and for his contribution to our community.


2 thoughts on “Chris Boudreau Completes Eagle Project With “Pit Discovery”

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