Builders Club In The Garden

By Nicholas Marko, 8th grade student and three years Builders Club MemberBuilders Club at the Garden (16)

On September 18, Builders Club helped tidy up the garden.

When we arrived, there were branches all over the garden and it looked like a lot of plants had grown over the summer. The path had some plants growing into it. Mrs. Louie talked to us about what needed to be done in the garden. The members were split up into groups and assigned jobs.

The Garden Committee coordinators Mrs. Louie, Mrs. Marko and Mr. Malouf lead the effort. They were aided by about one hundred members of Builders Club and some of their parents in weeding the garden, clearing the planter beds, deadheading plants to encourage further blooming, and removing trash. Builders Club members and the adult volunteers worked for about an hour, and at that point the garden was looking a lot better.

It felt good to help out with the work that had to be done in the garden, and it made me personally feel a little bit closer to nature while being productive and keeping the garden in good condition.

Editor’s Note:  Special thanks to Builders Club advisor Mrs. Young for bring out her club members to assist the Garden with our Fall clean-up, and to the fabulous parents of the club members who joined us for the effort.  You’ve helped us build our community!


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