The Connection Between Love and Music

By: Jo Louie, SCS Garden Project Chair

Despite of two postponements due to inclement weather (we were rained out on Valentine’s Day, and SNOWED out on the rescheduled date a week later), our first annual Valentine’s Student Music Concert at the Garden was finally presented on Friday, February 22nd.  to a very warm reception and great delight of the Sycamore Canyon school community.

Audiences young and old were treated to an intimate showcase of over 40 talented Sycamore Canyon musicians, presenting a wide selection of work that included vocal and instrumental performances ranged from the classical to modern pop.  The enthusiastic crowd was a great encouragement for our young budding musicians, as many of them expressed interests to audition again for a spot for next year’s performance.  Inquiries were also being made by others on the audition process, as well as students initiating dialogs on potential collaboration with one another to produce work for consideration for the next year.

As an organizer for the event, developments like these are encouraging signs on how the Garden is helping to bring students and the community together.  We are excited to bring this new program to our school, and we look eagerly forward to next year where we can once again bring love, friendship, and music to our kids.

Happy Valentine!

Music 2019


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