Garden Design

Phase I:  Science and Habitat Learning Center

Habitat: Drought TolerantGarden Layout Banner

Funded By:  California American Water

Designer:  Olwyn Kingery

Size:  4500 square feet

Ground Break:  October 2012

Irrigation: Drip System

Grand Opening:  January 30th, 2013

Certifications:  * Certified School Yard Habitat * National Wildlife Federation Eco School USA * Certified Monarch Waystation

Features:  * Drought Tolerant & California Native Plants * Outdoor Classroom (classroom tables designed and constructed by Christopher Reusch, Eagle Scout Troop 754) * Outdoor Performance Area * Council Circle Gathering Ground * Monarch Butterfly Waystation * Garden bridge “Bridgeway to the Future”  (Designed and constructed by Christopher Reusch, Eagle Scout Troop 754)

Phase II: Edible Lab

Habitat: Raised PlantersSYCAMORE EDIBLE

Funded By:  City of Thousand Oaks Enhancement Grant, and Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant

Size:  1500 square feet

Ground Break:  June 2014

Irrigation: Smart Drip Line System

Grand Opening:  September 30th, 2015

Certification:  *MANNA Conejo Valley Food Bank Hunger Heroes Award

Features:  * Seven 8’x4′ drip-line irrigated “Experimental” Planters * Four 8’x4′ drip-line irrigated “Demonstration” Planters * Herb Planter * Culinary Demonstration Corner

Phase III: Native Landscape Observatory

Habitat: Hillside Native Plants

Funded By:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Designer:  SCS Students Design Team (lead by USFWS Biologist Michael Glenn, landscape designer Olwyn Kingery, and SCS faculty).

Size:  7000 square feet

Ground Break:  August 26, 2013

Irrigation: None required after initial root establishment.

Grand Opening:  TBA

Certifications:  USFWS Schoolyard Habitat

Features:  Flora native to Conejo Valley, providing students and community with regular  observation opportunities of seasonal growth/change of plant life and viewing of migratory animals in our ecosystem.  Data collected will become part of the USA National Phenology Network.



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