SCS Garden Service Patch Program

The SCS Garden Service Patch Program offers our volunteers the opportunity to earn up to 5 garden service patches for making our garden better for the SCS community.

The levels are as follow:

  • Garden Friend (5 hours of service)
  • Garden Family (15 hours of service)
  • Garden Guardian (30 hours of service)
  • Garden Leader (50 hours of service)
  • Garden Hero (100 hours of service)

Service hours can be earned through:

  • “Gardening Days” (scheduled by the SCS garden committee)
  • Classroom gardening time (lead by classroom teachers)
  • Garden Projects (special projects posted or approved by the SCS garden committee)
  • Garden Presentations (approved performances/workshops provided to the SCS student body)

The SCS Garden Patch Program is open to everyone.  Yes, that’s students, parents, grandparents, teachers, community volunteers, etc.

Service hours are cumulative and do not expire.

Current SCS students will be recognized and awarded their earned patch at the monthly SCS Awards Assembly.  For none SCS student participants of this program other arrangements will be made for patch delivery.

Registration is required to participate in the program.  Please fill out the form below to register.

(Not sure if you are already enrolled in the program?  Click here for the Service Hours Log.)

Thank you for participating in this program.  A registration confirmation will be sent to you shortly via email.


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