Garden Project Certifications

Community Service Day – January 27th Update

By John Malouf, SCS Garden Scout Coordinator

What a nice crisp spring day to work in the SCS Garden!

The recent rainfall we received was a much needed blessing, but it also allowed new weeds to quickly sprung up in the Garden.  With the help of the community volunteers (the middle schoolers did an exceptional job weeding the area outside the fence), even with the rain our Garden now remains weed free and looking fine!

A special thanks to all parents and students who contributed to today’s service, including:

  • Cub Scout pack 3763
  • Girl Scout troop 63026
  • Sycamore Canyon ASB
  • Club TKD Martial Arts

Our next Community Service Day is scheduled for Friday, March 31, 3:00 to 4:30pm!

Click here to sign-up to volunteer!!


Adopt the Garden News – January

By:  Marivic Marko, Adopt the Garden Coordinator

January has been a wet and rainy month!  Our 4th graders only recently began to come out and begin garden maintenance now that the weather has cleared.  With wet weather, comes more weeds.  Thankfully, the rain allowed the soil to soften and made pulling weeds out much easier for the students.  The classes were enthusiastic and did a fantastic job!  We were thrilled to have additional help from Mr. Hoyle’s 5th grade class, and Mrs. Wright’s 3rd grade class.

Thank you to our teachers, students and Garden Volunteers:

Mrs. Murray’s 4th grade class & Garden Volunteer: Crystal Stenner
Miss Sheridan’s 4th grade class & Garden Volunteer: Julie Ganner
Mrs. Baron’s 4th grade class & Garden Volunteer: Arlett Mullen
Mrs. Abraham’s 4th grade class
Mr. Hoyle’s 5th grade class
Mrs. Wright’s 3rd grade class

HOTM December Report – Carrots

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Alex Ratshin, Mrs. Taillon’s 2nd grade class

Today we tasted carrots from the Abundant Family Farm.  I enjoyed learning about and tasting the carrots for several reasons.  First, we looked at and smelled the carrots.  In my opinion, the carrots smelled super good and looked like an orange or white eyeball.  Next, we felt and heard the carrots.  I really didn’t exactly hear the carrots, but they felt hard, harry, and bumpy.  Finally, we tasted the carrots!  I first tasted white, and then orange.  White tasted sweet, delicious, and divine.  Orange tasted sour, earthy, and good.  Carrots are delicious and good for you, too!

Andie Tung, Mrs. Anthony/Carr’s 2nd grade class

Today we tried the December Harvest of the Month, carrots from The Abundant Table Farm.  I liked the carrots for many reasons.  First, the carrots were colorful.  Next, the yellow carrot tasted a little sweet.  Lastly, I learned that the carrots help our eyesight (vitamin A).  I loved the carrots.


Harvest of the Month (HOTM), sponsored by the SCS PTSA Garden Project for the SCS 2nd grade classes, is a CVUSD nutrition department program that provides our students with the opportunities to explore, taste, and learn about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables while getting to know some of the local farmers and produce they grow in our community.

December 2016 Garden Service Award Recipients

By:  Marivic Marko

Congratulations to the following students who have worked hard after school and with their scout troops to earn their 5 hour Garden Friend award:

Grace Younes – 6th grade

Lydia Kim – 5th grade

Anna Linehan – 5th grade

Jaida Moch – 5th grade

Ryan Panza – 5th grade

The awards were presented to the recipients during the school’s Award Assembly.  Thank you Coyotes for making our school Garden a beautiful place for everyone!!

The Great Sunflower Tour

imagesDear Garden Caretakers,

You need to get a new scarecrow – one that actually has all her eyes to keep the birds from coming. Couldn’t stand the solitude in the Edible Lab any longer. Gone off to visit the kids at the rest of the school.  Don’t be worried, We’ll be back soon.


Helianthus & Tournesol

P.S. Here are some of the exciting stops we’ve made so far…

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